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112 years since the birth of Frida Kahlo: Pain, hope and rebellion

 Jender Milano
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Known in history for her art but also for her rebellious character and fierce opposition to the canons established for the time in terms of women. Frida Kahlo becomes a reference for the feminist struggle and the emancipation of women not only from men, but from the internal chains that centuries of culture create in themselves.

There are debates about her work that always revolve around the manifest pain in her paintings, a tragic life that begins when, as a child, her mother needs to take care of her sister less and stops breastfeeding her early, this is expressed in some paintings where the nanny who went on to feed him, he has no face, as if he were an unknown/disconnected element of Frida.

112 years since the birth of Frida Kahlo: Pain, hope and rebellion

Marketing vs Rebellion. Che Guevara and Frida Kahlo

The rebellious characters draw everyone's attention, they are usually leaders and draw many followers, especially if they accompany their actions until the end of their lives with their ideals. That is the case of Che Guevara and Frida Kahlo who, however, also ended up being used more as an element of capitalist marketing than as a boost to their rebellious thinking.

Thus, it is normal to find groups, organizations and even websites that use the figure of Kahlo as a reference but in practice are not linked to any of her thought. Like a magnet to sell, we find the face and phrases of Kahlo and Che on t-shirts, posters and caps in a stream of trivialization of their rebellious life.

The broken Column. The accident that changed his life

At just 18 years old, Frida suffered a traffic accident that affected her spine and was forced to spend months in bed, that's when she began to paint just to pass the time, according to her words. One of the most famous paintings by the artist, "The Broken Column", is precisely a reflection of those days and in it, we can see the woman's column split in two and an interesting white suit on top.

112 years since the birth of Frida Kahlo: Pain, hope and rebellion

The painting where she shows one of her abortions also represents one of the most painful elements of her life: Frida Kahlo could not conceive children, her attempts ended in painful abortions, and we see reflected in the painting her image lying on the bed and bloodied.

In honoring Kahlo's 112th birthday, we not only honor the woman who painted her pain, but also the fighter who never wanted to tie herself to the male figure as dependent on a man and who also wanted to be an example for later generations of women.