Andreina Fiallo reminded everyone how good it looks in thread

Fermín Gómez
2 min read

Andreina Fiallo, the beautiful ex-couple Fredy Guarín he remembered all his followers when he exhibited his entire body to SoHo, the renowned magazine for adults and shared a very sensual photo to the delight of all his followers.

Andreina Fiallo reminded everyone how good it looks in thread

The sensual model published in his official account of Instagram, one of the hottest photos that took him to appear in the famous entertainment magazine.

She never loses the chance to continue giving what to talk on social networks and usually generates a commotion when she publishes a photo like that.

He did not want to stay out of the popular trend #TBT to remember that legendary photo session he offered to the magazine SoHo. Not content with publishing it, he also left a very suggestive message: when life turns its back on you ...

In that photograph, very well achieved, she is seen half-naked on her back and very sensual in the middle of a desert. Andreina Fiallo she exhibits all her beautiful anatomy with a tiny thong of thread, although what most caught the attention of her thousands of admirers was her almost perfect derriere.

A few moments later, thousands of likes and hundreds of comments flooded her photo and some users dared to complete the famous phrase she used. Others took the opportunity to tell him how beautiful he looked at that time.

There were also those who revived the controversy of the love triangle between Andreina Fiallo, Sara Uribe y Fredy Guarín. His followers do not leave the subject behind and take advantage of any opportunity to make comparisons or comments about it.

Faced with that powerful instant shared through their official Instagram account, the model's followers did not wait for comments of various kinds. Many devoted themselves to filling it with compliments, some quite risqué. There was no lack of those who compared it with Sara Uribe, ensuring that Andreina looks much more beautiful and natural.

Some say that with that picture, what they are really looking for Andreina Fiallo is to divert attention from the comments she had been receiving in the last days when she was seen with what would be her current partner.