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Artists Khalid, Kirk Franklin and Mariah Carey premiere their new song "Fall In Love At Christmas"

Luis Rafael
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Award-winning artists Mariah Carey, Khalid and Kirk Franklin debut their new track, "Fall In Love At Christmas."

This has been one of the most successful collaborations of its beginnings through the Carey record name, in a team with RCA Inspiration and RCA Records.

This has been the first subject in which the artists work together for the first time; They had previously coordinated to carry out a topic in a study in New York City, but due to the global pandemic and other unforeseen events they were not able to coordinate their collaboration until now.

Artists Khalid, Kirk Franklin and Mariah Carey premiere their new song "Fall In Love At...
Artists Khalid, Kirk Franklin and Mariah Carey premiere their new song "Fall In Love At Christmas"

The song “Fall In Love At Christmas” was recorded at the Butterfly Lounge studios.

Composed and produced by musical geniuses Franklin and Daniel Moore, Mariah Carey, II and recorded at Mariah's Butterfly Lounge studios in Atlanta and Los Angeles, the installment is an r & b and gospel-tinged hymn performed in perfect timing for the season.

The song known as "Fall in love without remedy at Christmas" in its Spanish translation, promises to be one of the best Christmas season themes that we are going to get in this 2021.

As artists Khalid, Mariah Cary and Kirk Franklin connected and increased the hours of work in the studio to achieve excellent compression, soprano melodies and catchy tracks.

The Fall In Love At Christmas video clip is now available on YouTube

Highlighting that, the three singers have released the music video for the song, coordinated by Carey and Bryan Tanaka. The video was also recorded in the Butterfly Lounge in Los Angeles and inside Carey's home.

In the video clip we can see beautiful scenes enjoying as a family with a Christmas atmosphere. The twins of the artist and music producer are part of it and appear dancing and singing while enjoying Christmas dinner.

"Fall In Love At Christmas" will be available in early December

Despite being in the digital age, many collectors are lovers of physical records, so the creators of "Fall In Love At Christmas" are going to release an album with three special versions of the song.

They can be purchased at Target starting December 3 or at the official Mariah Carey store, or pre-ordered on the target website or at

After this important installment, Mariah Carey will continue to celebrate the season with another special event that will be broadcast through the AppleTV + platform, highlighting the only official presentation of “Fall In Love At Christmas” with Khalid and Kirk Franklin.