Atteez continues to sweep and arrive at Billboard with Zero: Fever part. 3

Luis Rafael
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The symbols of Atteez put all their effort into their most recent collection and the products of their efforts are already appearing, this week they appeared interestingly on the graphics of Billboard.

The disc of ATEEZ 'Zero: Fever Part.3' was delivered on September 13, the symbols showed the world each of their gifts in This latest collection and enchanted many fans with new melodies that are becoming a success not only in South Korea.

This web of k-pop has been reaching its objectives and achievements because of all the help they have obtained from their fan, from one place to another of the planet we can discover atiny that is responsible for Support, appreciate and caress everything related to idols Atteez; This support from the fanbase becomes many more victories for artists.

This time, Ateez reaches one of the main lines within music, demonstrating its incredible predominance and recognition that 'Zero: Fever Part.3' it is having on numerous nations from all over the planet, it is an extraordinary second for this group of k-pop.

Atteez continues to sweep and arrive at Billboard with Zero: Fever part. 3

Atteez debuts at the number 42 of the Billboard 200 list

Atteez has actually appeared in the diagrams of Billboard, for example, 'Computerized Song Sales' or 'Japan HOT 100', however, this is when it originally reached the top 'Board 200' and he did it at #42, entering as one of the best 50, most likely, it is an extraordinary achievement for the band.

Zero: Fever part.3 was a success from the pre-agreement, and it was undoubtedly that this collection would give significantly more symbols, Congratulations, Ateez! You deserve it.

Ateez is doing it incredible with this rebound, and we are looking forward to seeing a greater number of symbols and brightness in front of the public, they have this victory more than deserved.

Observe the victory of atteez and also praise the birthday celebrations of their individuals, do you know when they are? Remember to leave you a nice greeting.

Atteez has appeared at the Billboard 200!

On September 20, nearby, Billboard stated that the new EP of ATEEZ, "ZERO: FEVER Part.3", had appeared In the number 42 of its Top 200-albums diagram, the weekly positioning of Billboard of the most known collections in the United States.

This is when Atteez has appeared for the first time in the schemes of Billboard 200 and the collection made a surprising presentation by positioning itself in the best 50 in an interesting way.

In the meantime, in the schemes of the public, "ZERO: FEVER Part.3" dramatically increased the record of collection offers from the first week of atteez in hanteo chart To achieve the fifth higher collection offer in the first week for a group of children in the history of Hanteo.