Baekhyun interacts with Chanyeol and shows he misses EXO despite promo with SuperM

Cristian García
2 min read

Famous EXO and now SuperM member Baekhyun has proven to be one of the most successful artists in the K-pop world. In this way, the idol manages to turn everything into gold with just his presence. Despite all this, the idol has shown that he has great humility and that he has a love for all his companions, which also makes him generate great nobility. This fact came after his recent interaction with Chanyeol, which would show that he would be missing his fellow EXO members.

Baekhyun interacts with Chanyeol and shows he misses EXO despite promo with SuperM

It all happened when Chanyeol made a post on his Instagram account where he is seen painting what appears to be a painting. Baekhyun was quick to react to the event by asking him what exactly he was painting. This interaction between the two idols has piqued the interest of EXO-L, who have pointed out that Baekhyun would be missing his country and his fellow EXO members while promoting alongside SuperM.

EXO's Baekhyun interacts with Chanyeol and shows he misses members despite promotion on SuperM

Baekhyun has commented on a photo of Chanyeol, where the artist was seen painting a picture. In this way, the idol has shown that he misses all the EXO members by being far from them and not being able to be together as they have been for so many years. This would show that the union between K-pop artists lasts a lifetime.

The EXO-L or EXO fans have shown their charm at this little detail that Baekhyun has given to Chanyeol. Thus, this fan base would show that they are one of the most loyal and charming in the world. Therefore, there is no doubt that this group will always continue to be successful and loved worldwide.

Baekhyun is currently promoting his track Jopping with the K-pop group SuperM. This boy band has promised to mark history in this musical genre, and it seems that these words will be totally true. There is still much to see before this new group of SM Entertainment.