Sunmi attacks JYP Entertainment president and points out that she would never work with him again

Cristian García
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Sunmi is a K-pop artist who was formed through the famous girl group Wonder Girls from JYP Entertainment. In this way, the artist would know what it would be like to work with said company and, above all, with Park Jin Young, CEO of this company. Thus, the artist has indicated that she would never work with said character again and has explained all her reasons.

Sunmi attacks JYP Entertainment president and points out that she would never work with him again

Currently, Sunmi is enjoying a successful solo career, where she has managed to stand out for her wonderful voice, totally crazy songs and unconventional style. This is something that has made him famous both in South Korea and in all parts of the world. Even so, it seems that the artist has had problems with one of the largest entertainment companies in her native country, JYP Entertainment.

Sunmi attacks JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin Young

The K-pop artist pointed out that Park Jin Young forced her not to make any facial expressions during her live performances and that, in addition, he required her to take on a tone of voice that was difficult for her to fully perform. Something that bothered Sunmi was the fact that JYP wanted her to sing in a style that Sunmi has called "half air, half sound method."

This method consists of generating a sound that combines breathing and small whispers, giving the artist a special appearance. In addition, it is the representative style of JYP in each of his solo songs. Even so, this has been something that has bothered Sunmi, as she has pointed out that it did not give her freedom as a performer.

After leaving J YP Entertainment, Sunmi has noted that she feels much better about herself and as an artist. Thus, you have emphasized that you now have creative freedom and that you can do whatever you want with your voice. Therefore, he feels that the pressure and demands of JYP were absurd, and does not consider that they help an artist to reach his maximum level of talent.

The artist also talked about her debut on stage as a soloist with her first album 24 Hours. During the entire promotion, Sunmi had to follow JYP's orders and look almost identical to whatever he wanted. Furthermore, she was not allowed to have facial expressions during her performances and she was not allowed to wear a lot of makeup on her performances.

Lastly, Sunmi mentioned that she would never work with JYP Entertainment again. In addition, he stressed that all the artists from that company, with whom he has talked about it, would not do so either, due to the constant demands of JYP and how uncomfortable they would feel with all this.