Beirut cancels all its concerts in Mexico and explains the reasons

Suria Ibañez
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The bad news begins with the beginning of the week and is that the musical group Beirut has reported that it will cancel the concerts both in Mexico and in the rest of the world.

It is a band that has been in business for thirteen years, the group Beirut began its career in 2006 when Zach Condon started as a soloist, later it became what we know today as Beirut. In that same year, Zach Condon was ill due to exhaustion and was hospitalized, canceling the tour as he would do 13 years later, but due to different health problems. At that time Zach Condon was diagnosed with extreme exhaustion and returned to the stage a year later, that is, in 2007.

The reasons for canceling Beirut Band concerts

The band through Twitter announced that the concerts would be canceled due to the acute laryngitis of the lead singer of the group Zach Condon. Thanks to this, the band will be tied hands to continue with their tour. The vocalist's illness was diagnosed before July, that is to say, in the summer for which he was forced to cancel a concert, however it seems that the illness is getting complicated and that has led to the cancellation of the presentation he would have in Mexico during the November in Plaza Condesa.

In another Tweet they mention the advice that was given to Zach Condon as a remedy for evil. They regret that the tour has been canceled as they say they were anxious, but Zach Condon was advised not to sing.

Many users were upset by the decision while others wished the best for Zach Condon and his speedy recovery. Although it has not yet been reported how the refund will be made for their fans, news is expected in the following hours to know how the money will be returned to the fans.

Beirut cancels all its concerts in Mexico and explains the reasons
Beirut cancels concerts