Best paid actress in American TV

Sofia Vergara for seventh consecutive year is the highest paid actress of American television

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Some days ago Forbes released the list of the best paid actors in the last year within the television of the U.S. the star of Modern Family she is a queen on this list, thanks not only to her salary but also to a large number of sponsorship and advertising contracts, which constitute almost half of her salary.

Sofia vergara was like the leading actress on the list.

The actress pocketed between June 1, 2017 and June 1, 2018 42.5 million dollars, about 16 million more than the actor who won the most in the same period of time, Jim Parsons, (26.5 million)

This difference is somewhat curious since in these times the claims for the salary difference between sexes are to order, and gives example that the television industry moves with other parameters.

Kaley Cuoco takes second place in the ranking, the protagonist of Big Bang theorize it invoiced 24.5 million. Followed by Mariska Hargitay, fromlaw and order: Special Victims Unit ($ 13 million).

The total sum of the 10 television actresses with the most income reaches 168.5 million dollars, a number that is not so different from that obtained by the actors that is 181 million dollars.

In the film industry you can see much more clearly the triggered gender as the actresses of Hollywood invoiced 186 million and the men 748.5 million a significant difference

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