Beyonce pregnant? Controversy on social networks for a photo of the diva

 Jender Milano
2 min read

A rumor begins to roll on social networks, and it is nothing less about the sensual Beyoncé and the possibility that the star is once again in the sweet waiting. Everything arises from a publication on her Instagram account where Beyoncé's style, used to showing a large part of her body in her photos, appears particularly covered.

Beyonce pregnant? Controversy on social networks for a photo of the diva

But it is not only about the clothes, in fact the photo shows how Beyoncé's belly, hidden between the clothes, appears a little "inflated". This, and the beautiful singer's habit of keeping her personal news until the last minute, has caused many of her fans to start speculating about her supposed pregnancy.

The artist enjoys a few days off with her family in New York, she decided to upload some images, in this case with a checkered dress that despite having an opening in one leg, in the central part of her body creates the effect that many of his followers immediately noticed.

I feel like you're pregnant, and I don't know why, but if it's true I'm happy for you, wrote one of her fans among the comments to Beyoncé's photo, among many similar comments that, between hopeful and excited, stimulate the rumor more than ask about the state of the singer.

It is expected that soon Beyoncé will pronounce on her possible pregnancy, since she does not usually play rumors or create expectations in her followers, normally she waits for the right moment and informs her fans about the matter in question, as it happened with his twins Sir and Rumi.