Brad Pitt and his new romance

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After Brad's separation with actress Angelina Jolie, he has not wasted a second to continue making conquests with whatever he pays attention to, all of them beautiful, by the way.

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Charlize Therón, Jennifer Aniston and many more who add to the list of conquests of the renowned actor, logically he cannot lose his fame of being the most handsome and sexiest man in the world, therefore, he cannot give way to lose his fame of conqueror.

Now, in the last project with Quentin Tarantino, a new rumor came to the fore, as it is said that Brad has a secret romance with the beautiful actress Margot Robbie and this is giving people talk on the networks. Well, it's not so secret anymore !

Both are part of the cast of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but everyone knows that the actress is married to producer Tom Ackerley, oh my!

It is said that both have had good empathy in the filming and that they have seen them together in various pubs in London, they also comment that they have had secret dates.

Both get along very well, laugh a lot and joke are things that only they understand, sources close to both of them say.

GossipCop denies all these versions and assures that Margot has a happy marriage with her partner and that everything is perfect, they also say that the rumors are totally false and that there are not even photos that prove the alleged encounters.Brad Pitt also spoke out on this and said that these rumors are "rude and bizarre", and assures that he had very little interaction with the actress Margot.
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Brad Pitt y su nuevo romance
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