BTS, EXO, and Seventeen top the charts again in October

Cristian García
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The famous Korean Institute of Corporate Reputation today revealed the list of K-pop boy groups with the greatest relevance in South Korea. In this way, said ranking would not have varied much between the top positions, with artists like BTS, EXO and Seventeen, who always walk in said top.

BTS, EXO, and Seventeen top the charts again in October – Showbiz

The reality is that all these boy bands turn out to be unique in their style and are rarely topped on the popularity charts. For all these reasons, the KICR has once again released a ranking that would have practically no variation in the top positions. Something that stands out is that BTS and EXO continue to dominate this top, even though neither K-pop group has released music recently.

BTS, EXO, and Seventeen dominate popularity rankings for K-pop male idols in October

As expected, BTS has dominated said ranking with an advantage of almost triple points from the second position. In addition, the points obtained by said boy band would correspond to the sum of the other 4 places in the top 5. Therefore, this boy band has shown that it is making history worldwide.

For the second place would be EXO with a slight advantage of the third position. Remember that this boy band has not made any comeback for this year. They have simply been seen doing promotions as sub-units or as soloists. Thus, there is no doubt that the citizens of South Korea love this group.

In third place would be Seventeen, a boy band that has managed to achieve its relevance with considerable effort. This would show that Koreans always value excellence and music of incredible quality.

See all the rankings below. Feel free to check all kinds of details about it. In this way, you will know which groups are the most attractive on the current scene.

Ranking of the most popular K-pop boy bands for the month of October

BTS, EXO, and Seventeen top the charts again in October – Showbiz