SuperM's Taeyong sparks controversy over homophobic attitude

Cristian García
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SuperM has debuted in the United States with an extremely ambitious project. It would reflect all that K-pop is on its biggest stage. Even so, not everything seems to be good news for said group, since the member Taeyong would be experiencing strong scandals of bullying and homophobia in what would be South Korea.

SuperM's Taeyong sparks controversy over homophobic attitude

The NCT and SuperM artist would be part of a series of controversial statements after it came to light that the idol had a stalker's past in what would be his high school days. But the case has not stopped there, since, recently, an image of a text written by Taeyong in his old school has been released, where his homophobic attitude is clearly seen.

SuperM and NCT's Taeyong sparks controversy in South Korea

The photo would be about a message left by taeyong upon graduation from his old high school. The comment that he would have left would reflect that the idol comments that the final event would not be completely perfect, due to a "gay" person:

They are all fun and have amazing personalities, which is why I think they will grow up to be great. But I don't think it will happen because [name deleted] is gay. I'm sure. —Taeyong

The netizens or citizens of South Korea have not been slow to respond to this publication or leak indicating that the idol would be homophobic and that he should not be having the success that he is. For them, many have expressed their annoyance on social networks and have asked the authorities to do something about it.

Despite all this, Taeyong would be in one of his best moments to make his world debut with one of the best K-pop groups, SuperM. Thus, everything seems to indicate that said boy band would be one of the most successful in this musical genre.

NCT's and SuperM's Taeyong's bullying cases

Taeyong has been accused of bullying both by the famous Wikitree medium and by one of the trainees or trainees of SM Entertainment (the agency where the idol is). Thus, there would be no doubt that this character would have a certain attitude that would not please the K-pop society.

SuperM's Taeyong sparks controversy over homophobic attitude

All this scandal would have been accompanied by an image where a comment of Taeyong is seen making fun of his female classmates, who would have told them that they looked like anime fans and that they loved everything related to the otaku world.

SuperM's Taeyong sparks controversy over homophobic attitude