BTS is crowned as the Best Group in the MTV VMA 2019

Cristian García
2 min read

Today, August 26, the famous 2019 MTV VMA awards were held, which would bring together the best of the music industry. In this way, these awards would award prizes to all kinds of categories. When the winners were given, the fans or ARMY of BTS have been surprised to learn that said boy band from South Korea has won the award for Best Group, beating artists such as the Jonas Brothers and BLACKPINK.

BTS is crowned as the Best Group in the MTV VMA 2019 – Showbiz – WebMediums

BTS was unable to attend the event as their members are currently on vacation and have decided to walk away from all public media. Even so, the ARMYs and those in charge of the 2019 VMAs have done everything possible to have their presence at the event through a variety of awards and through social media.

The announcement of the winner in the Best Group category was not made live, although it was notified on social networks. Thus, since it was revealed that BTS was the winner of said award, the ARMY began to make all kinds of comments congratulating each of the members of said K-pop group.

This category would be one of the most important of the MTV VMA 2019, because great artists such as the Jonas Brothers, BLACKPINK and the Backstreet Boys would be competing. In this way, the ARMY would be winning another group of fans of great magnitude, which would be a great achievement for this fandom.

On the other hand, BTS also won the award for Best K-pop, a category that would be opening this year. Thus, they would prove to be the most important artists of this musical genre, surpassing others of the same size as BLACKPINK and EXO.

Thanks to all this, BTS managed to have a great presence at the 2019 VMAs despite not having attended said event. They have been crowned as one of the artists with the most awards won this year and, equally, as one of the most recognized K-pop groups of all time.