BTS will make a speech for the UN and manifest your words before the media (2021)

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BTS is a group of K-Pop South Korean created in Seoul in 2010 and that appeared in 2013 under the name of Big Hit. It consists of seven individuals: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook, which co-make up and co-produce most of its collection material. Even though it is done with a basically bounce style of hip, it has come to consolidate a wide assortment of types in its melodic collection.

The meeting has obtained several honors for their work, including six American Music Awards, nine Billboard Music Awards and Assignments in the Grammy and the Brit Awards. After creating his crusade against the brutality Love MySelf in a joint effort with UNICEF, he gave a speech at the 73rd and 75th General Assembly of the United Nations.

BTS interprets "Consent to Move"

The South Korean meeting earned an exceptional exhibition "Consent to Move" The camera accompanied the dancing of BTS from the hall of the General Assembly to the outside of the UN Base Camp.

BTS presents the voices of young people with Youth Today

Before your excursion to New York, the meeting collected the stories of the fans with the Brief Crusade Youth Today through the media of the web.

In its interest, the seven individuals of BTS alternated to tell the statements they have collected. President Moon Jae presents BTS as exceptional visitors. The South Korean pioneer presented a presentation on the exhibition of the country of him in the pandemic and the importance of coordinated effort worldwide to cope with a bestial increase in the temperature of the entire planet.

"You have to pay more attention to the voices of the people in the future" he said.

"We are accompanied by today a particularly extraordinary meeting of youth willing to partner with their age throughout the planet (...)" said President Moon by presenting the Septet.

BTS will make a speech for the UN and manifest your words before the media (2021)

What are the objectives of sustainable development?

In 2015, 17 difficulties were fixed for the world local area. It is what is called Plan 2030.

A part of these objectives are: Ending the need, zero anxiety, well-being and prosperity, quality instruction, sexual correspondence, clean water and disinfection, moderate and clean energy, pleasant work and development monetary, etc.

Comments from the Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres. As a launch of the meeting, the Secretary General of the UN presents the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals and the difficulties of the world's local area to comply with them collectively.

Towards the beginning, he referred to the presence of Bangtan as visitors on the occasion. "... Join everyone to save our planet and ourselves. Join BTS, which is a fabulous engagement" she said.

BTS heads Twitter patterns

The presence of BTS at the meeting of this Monday, September 20 causes great expectation in the networks. The moving hashtags incorporate #BTSATunga, #Ourpridebts, #YouthToday, #BTSXUN and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

BTS will make a speech for the UN and manifest your words before the media (2021)

BTS prepared for his speech at the UN

jin, rm, suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook of BTS were presented before the camera showing that they are currently prepared to go before the UN General Assembly.

The third cooperation of BTS in a United Nations Assembly creates exclusive standards. The meeting of k-pop ventured to go to New York as an agent of South Korea and the youngest age on this occasion of global reach. The Boyband will pronounce a speech and exhibit a melodic presentation at the SDG Moment 2021 meeting.

As the UN site says, the indisputable level meeting in which the BTS will be hung on Monday, September 20. The SDG Moment 2021 focuses on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and will be transmitted over the Internet to crowds across the planet.

What time will they give the speech of the BNS band at the UN of this 2021?

The BTS will be important for the initial part at the Moment 2021 SDG. As indicated by the Plan of the Authorities, the meeting could be presented between 8:00 and 8:40 (New York). It is expected that his speech follow the first comments of President Moon Jae In.

Connections to see BTS at the UN on the Web

The television website of the UN communicates all occasions of the General Assembly of the UN. In an official statement, the element warned that its innovation group is planning to withstand Army's strength due to the normal traffic of its workers.

They stressed that in the past occurrences of BTS(2018 and 2020), the streaming framework had some problems due to the great consideration captured by the "Strong>K-Pop meeting.

BTS will make a speech for the UN and manifest your words before the media (2021)

BTS: Who will transmit the speech?

It is expected that, as in 2018, Namjoon directs the speech to specialists. This is not simply because he is the head of the Septet, but also that he has the best level of English.

BTS In the UN 2020, this will be the third appearance of BTS at the UN. The last was at the 75th General Assembly in 2020.

The debut of BTS in the UN, the first appearance of the k-pop band in the UN was in 2018. In that version, icons became the main melodic artisans that were presented at the General Assembly of the UN.

BTS in the blue house

In advance, on the 14th, BTS was animated by South Korean President Moon in the blue house. The icons were appointed agents of the people in the future and culture.

BTS goes to New York as announced the media in the early days, on Saturday afternoon September 18, BTS symbols were presented at the Incheon International Airport to undertake their trip to New York.

BTS in the UN mission against prejudices

Icons invite fans to join the UN pressure group to fight against intolerant discourse. Fans can give their vote at reason at the association's site.