Why was BTS to the UN, and what was your speech?

Grecia De Flores
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One of the most famous bands at this time is BTS, who besides being a fury among the young k-pop fanatics, was one of the stars invited to show their voice and give support during the meeting of the UN on the occasion of the discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals. During his speech, we were able to go his ideas about the defense of young people throughout the world, who also assured that they are these young people in the world who will be promptly ready to promote all the changes that are necessary in order to protect the planet and with it fight poverty.

The K-Pop group, has devastated throughout the world, not only with its music, without also with all its social campaigns that have driven in favor of young people from all over the world. Also with their music, they have slabed around the world, which is why they are actively taken into account in different governmental entities and peaks worldwide.

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Those who let see their intervention at the UN

The BTS guys attended this meeting of the UN with sober suits which were also all to play. The septet of boys, took the podium from which from tomorrow, different international leaders began to take the word, so I can give different messages of support to the different points that will be discussed there as the different development goals are Social, with which it seeks to support and defend youth worldwide to give them the social space with which to grow and develop within society.

"Instead of having a constant fear of change, our generation is at crucial moments to be able to do or significant change and with it welcome a new society, which helps us grow and pushed our ideas," they were Part of the words that Suga pointed out, one of the members of BTS, who speaks clearly before a hemicya that was also almost empty, due to restrictions to fight the virus of the Covid-19.

The group, who was presented by the same president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, taught all attendees and the world a video that was recorded a little earlier and in which they could be appreciated by interpreting within theUnited Nations Headquarters Your most popular topic "permission to danance".

Important conclusions for everyone in the world

Thanks to the act that was taken today at the UN, this organization seeks to give a new impetus to the vast majority of objectives that arise there on sustainable development, which were also agreed in 2015 by the different countries of everything The world, but that has been committed its fulfillment due to the ravages left by the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why it has been brought to the Public Topics of Interest as Poverty on a global scale.

Antonio Guterres Secretary General of the United Nations, has recognized in different international media that within this context in which we live, we become quite easy to end up losing any kind of hope, so it insisted that It is still possible, achieving compliance with the ambitious objectives that arise within the UN as long as adequate decisions arise.

Guterres in the same way defended all the urgent actions that must be taken in five different areas such as: Ending the pandemic, promoting a recovery that is sustainable for everyone in the world, to guarantee gender equality and also put an end to The one we all have "against the planet". Within these acts, numerous international leaders, as well as managers and some representatives of the civil society, also participated via Video call.

The UN affirms that all those decisions that are taken in the next 18 months will be a key and principal factor with which it may be released even more powerful trajectory with which to achieve those goals and comply for the year 2030.