BTS's Jimin surprises fans by attending Alec Benjamin's concert

Cristian García
2 min read

BTS's Jimin is on vacation, so he has been enjoying his days off to attend his favorite events and be able to do the things he likes the most. In this way, the singer surprised his fans or ARMY by attending a concert by the famous singer Alec Benjamin.

BTS's Jimin surprises fans by attending Alec Benjamin's concert

The concert was held in the city of Seoul, South Korea. In this way, Jimin would have attended while it was in the holiday season. Benjamin, to celebrate the attendance of the BTS singer, made a small presentation of FAKE LOVE, which was highly applauded by the entire audience.

In this way, it would be marking a close relationship between Jimin and Alec Benjamin, who would have been highly animated and would have shared certain glances throughout the concert. Therefore, everything seems to indicate that Jimin would be a huge fan of this singer-songwriter.

The reality is that the entire invitation was given because, days before, Jimin had published his playlist with his favorite songs, where there were two songs by Alec Benjamin. As is often the case with all BTS posts, it didn't take long for the news to reach the famous singer-songwriter who would invite the K-pop artist to his Seoul concert.

All the interaction of both artists took place through the social network of Twitter. On the one hand, Jimin published his musical preferences on the BTS account, while Alec Benjamin made the request through his personal account of said social network.

At the end of the concert, both singers met backstages where a series of photographs were taken that would end up being uploaded to the internet. In this way, the ARMYs would be achieving, once again, that one of the members of BTS achieves one of his long-awaited dreams.