BTS's Jin's trainer reveals secrets about the idol

Cristian García
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Recently, a new episode of the famous South Korean series Happy Together was released. In this way, BTS's Jin coach would be invited to the show, who would give details never before noted about the famous K-pop idol. Thus, the ARMY would get to know new aspects of this character so beloved throughout the world.

BTS's Jin's trainer reveals secrets about the idol – Showbiz – WebMediums

Yang Chi Seung is a famous Korean coach, who has managed to work with big celebrities like the 2PM and 2AM members of JYP Entertainment. In addition, currently the famous character is being a coach of BTS's Jin, which has made him reveal totally new information about the attitude and personality of this member of said boy band.

BTS's Jin's trainer reveals artist details on Happy Together episode

BTS's Jin's trainer has mentioned that said idol is usually someone who follows orders to the letter. In this way, he has indicated that he is extremely attentive and polite. In addition, he mentioned that Jin is extremely friendly and that he treats people as if he has known them for a lifetime. Therefore, Yang Chi Seung has pointed out that the deal he had with said idol was quite pleasant.

It is known that Jin is the most attentive and mature member of BTS, for which the statements of his coach would not be rare. Even so, it is something quite pleasant to know that this idol has an identical behavior both in his private life and in front of the cameras. Perhaps this is why Jin is considered one of the most attractive and striking K-pop artists on the current scene.

Jin is currently on vacation, enjoying some free time after a busy schedule in the musical field. Thus, their fans or ARMY would be looking forward to the return of said member, along with BTS, for the month of October. Big Hit Entertainment, his agency, has indicated that the idol will return with a facet never shown before.

BTS's Jin's trainer reveals secrets about the idol – Showbiz – WebMediums