BTS's Love Yourself: Answer becomes Billboard's most successful K-pop album

Cristian García
2 min read

BTS is considered one of the most famous and successful K-pop groups of all time thanks to all the achievements that this group has made in the music industry scene. With all this, it seems that this boyband would continue to accumulate more recognitions after the news that their latest album would be the most successful K-pop album of all time in the United States.

BTS's Love Yourself: Answer becomes Billboard's most successful K-pop album

Billboard published updates to its music charts for this week, including what would become the Billboard 200, a list that groups together the most successful albums in the United States. Thus, BTS would continue to occupy that position for the fiftieth consecutive week thanks to their latest album Love Yourself: Answer.

This album has become the most successful album of BTS and K-pop. Furthermore, it has been one of the few K-pop albums to occupy the number 1 position on the Billboard 200. His previous album, Love Yourself: Tear, had also achieved this achievement, which would reveal that this male group would be among the most famous artists of today.

With each new release, BTS manages to generate higher number s. Therefore, it seems that the new album of this male group is going to surpass the record performance of Love Yourself: Answer and would be becoming the most successful K-pop album of all time. This achievement has been surpassed, consecutively, by this renowned boyband.

Currently, the BTS members are on vacation after wrapping up a busy music schedule. In this way, this would be the first break the group has taken since their debut. Even so, this K-pop group manages to continue giving something to talk about even if they are out of the public spotlight.