Camila Cabello defends BLACKPINK against criticism for the appearance of its members

Cristian García
2 min read

Famous pop singer Camila Cabello has surprised everyone by defending the famous K-pop group BLACKPINK by being criticized for her body shape. In this way, Cabello pointed out that said comments were toxic and that cyber-bullying should not be allowed at present. Where more and more people care about the welfare of others.

Camila Cabello defends BLACKPINK against criticism for the appearance of its members
Photo: YouTube / Panda.

All this was expressed by Camila Cabello when retweeting a comment from one of BLACKPINK's fans (or Blinks). In the comment, it is possible to read some sentences, in a somewhat colloquial language, that refer to the constant attacks and criticism that this famous K-pop group receives. In addition, this tweet signals that it is okay to defend yourself, and it is not a toxic attitude to do so:

They: make fun of BLACKPINK's body, make jokes about Jennie's health, call Jisoo "insignificant", make fun of Lisa by posting pictures of as a child, use fake live vocal tests of Rose to make fun of her voice. Blinks: they respond. It: OMG, Blinks are very toxic.

The comment was deleted by Cabello shortly after it was posted. Even so, there are people who have managed to document all this with evidence and videos of the support that the artist gave to all these conditions of cyberbullying and aggression that the members of BLACKPINK currently suffer.

Despite all this, BLACKPINK has established itself as one of the most famous K-pop groups in the world. In this way, they have managed to generate a large community of followers, breaking records in the music scene. In addition, according to rumors, this group is about to release an international single that it hopes can make Rose, Lisa, Jisoo and Jennie more famous than they already are.