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Carlos Vives presents the advance of his album with the song 'Solo'

Luis Rafael
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Carlos Vives presents the advance of his album with the song 'Solo'
Carlos vives presents the preview of his album with the song 'Solo'

The Colombian singer-songwriter has stood out in recent weeks, after the previous announcement of his next album, which is called ' Cumbiana II '. Carlos Vives will be offering the first concerts through a new tour.

A couple of days ago, Vives published his new musical ' Solo ', and this is the first official preview of his new record production. In this new musical journey, he decided to opt for an ancestral style with modern sounds, to make a cultural mix that will attract everyone's attention.

During a virtual press conference with 'La Vanguardia', the singer offered detailed information about the projects he has in mind for this 2022.

'Vives' stated that ' Solo ' is a song that was published to demonstrate the mixture of musical genres that we will be listening to on the new album.

About the new song 'Solo' by Carlos Vives

Carlos Vives marked the beginning of a new era with the 'Sony Music Latin' record label, which was the agency in charge of producing the song ' Solo '. In addition, said record label is currently working on the production of Vives' next album, which will be published in the coming weeks.

' Solo ' is now available on the digital platforms Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube in its original format.

The theme has caught the attention of fans who are waiting for " Cumbiana II ". The sum of the statistics on music platforms estimates 900 thousand reproductions in less than 48 hours.

The official video clip of the preview of his next record production can already be found on Carlos Vives ' YouTube channel. The single was composed by Vives, and featured general production by Andrés Leal and Martin Velilla. ' Solo ' represents a feeling of 'heartbreak' and pain, narrates what a person feels at the moment of ending a relationship.

Clues about the next album 'Cumbiana II'

The Colombian artist released some details about his next album. The EP will consist of 15 songs, each one will tell a different story about the life of Carlos Vives.

In addition, during the release of 'Vives' it was announced that 'Cumbiana II' will be accompanied by the collaborations of promising new artists and great Latin American artists. After the musical appearance of Carlos Vives ("I was born again") in the Netflix series "Pálpito", some artists have held meetings to record with the Colombian.

The recent collaboration between Camilo and Carlos Vives 'Baloncito Viejo', will be part of the new album ' Cumbiana II '. The song has been positioned in the top 1 of Spotify Colombia, with more than 34.53 million reproductions and every day the number increases.

' Cumbiana II' will mark the first record production of Carlos Vives this year, the album is scheduled for the date of May 5, 2022. In addition, they will be available in their official format of 15 songs and their video clips through YouTube.