Drake Bell is in Mexico and sings the bamba live

Suria Ibañez
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We all love the charismatic and handsome Drake Bell, although the full name of this famous singer and actor is Jared Drake Bell is better known as Drake Bell, he is currently 33 years old. His artistic career began with only 5 years participating in some commercials. However, his fame increased when he played Drake Parker on the Nickelodeon series Drake and Josh.

In Drake and Josh his character was not very different from reality. Drake Parker was very similar to Drake Bell, he was charismatic, friendly, smiling, women followed him and most of all most of the things turned out well for him. Drake Parker loved his guitar and interestingly Drake Bell even took guitar lessons when he was younger.

Drake Bell performs at Hoy

To the rhythm of La Bamba Drake Bell astonished us all, this handsome during a contest called "sing the word" on the television program "Hoy" he sang La bamba. The game consisted of Galilea Montijo giving a word and the participants had to sing a song that would carry that word and without a doubt Drake Bell captivated with his accent and the speed at which he sang La bamba.

But not only Drake Bell's accent full of laughter and tenderness, the way in which he unfolds undoubtedly enchanted his audience as he shows himself as a super simple and friendly artist. The handsome singer was also a good dancer, Drake Bell did not hesitate to dance when they took him out on the floor.

Of course during the program there was more laughter and fun, Galilea Montijo was not left behind, and he also stole some laughs thanks to his English that some users on social networks rate poor, not counting his peculiar way of dancing in which he looks like a robot.

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