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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson dabbles in rap with the song Face Off

Luis Rafael
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Recently the famous movie star Dwayne Johnson made the decision to venture into the world of music by participating in a song. Highlighting that, he decided to debut in the urban genre with a very catchy and perfectly crafted rap.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson dabbles in rap with the song Face Off
The famous film actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dabbles in rap with the theme Face Off

"Face Off": Tech N9ne's new rap with Joey Cool, King Iso and Dawayne "The Rock" Jonhson

The new rap theme is called "Face Off", Tech N9ne is in charge of the success of the theme, in said rap are the interpretations of Joey Cool, King Iso and The rock.

It is important to know that this is not the first time that the famous film actor has planned to become a musical artist, he found the perfect moment and decided to bring up this imposing subject.

The Rock has proven to be much more than a heartthrob who went from wrestling to action movies. In addition, we do not have to go to his filmography, we simply have to go to the brightest part of his figure "his Instagram".

It is no secret that Dwayne Johnson is one of the most influential actors internationally, this has been a great help to promote his art. The moment he published the information about "Face Off" all his fans were paralyzed with excitement. On their Instagram they do not stop talking about this great feat.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is the movie actor with the most Instagram followers

However, among the blockbusters, La Roca is a star with tremendous force on social media and not everything can be liquor and movies.

After proving that he can't do it seriously as a lead singer in Disney movies, Dwayne Johnson has once again wowed everyone by debuting in the world of rap.

The Rock is the most followed individual in the field of cinema on Instagram, his 273 million devotees (followed by Zendaya, with 109M) place him at the height of the most influential music stars in the world.

His profile is extremely dynamic, in which we discover real exercises, tattoos, a lot of liquor promotion and, obviously, his movies. Yet amidst the high-strength liquor, hero and activity movies, tattoos, and dangerous exercises, we also see him playing with his two young daughters.

Dwayne Johnson has always identified with music

The famous American artist since he started in the world of entertainment has always had the desire to join the world of music.

On multiple occasions we have seen him performing songs and performing actions related to music in several of his films. He is very excited because he had the opportunity to perform a unique song with some exceptional North American rappers.

However, he has always been clear about his goals, he affirms that he does not want to make his life and work revolve around music.

“I never had the ambition to be a hip hop artist or a rapper, so the direct answer is no. But I saw an opportunity here to create a song that really inspired me, that motivated me to push for more and fight for more. I have always liked music. I love hip hop, blues and country music” mentioned the film actor.

During an interview with Dwayne Johnson, he mentioned something very meaningful to him about music. “I love music. Whenever I can implement some musical elements in my films, I always love to do that,” said the protagonist of Ballers.

How did Tech N9ne and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson meet?

Dwayne Johnson had been following rapper Tech N9ne on Instagram for some time. He mentions that he has always admired his work and listens to his songs.

Then one day the rapper mentioned to him that there was a possibility of releasing this song together and Dwayne thought it was a very good idea, and he took the opportunity.

The part of the song “The Rock” raps was written and performed by himself, the famous man decided to place this part to be able to share with everyone his ideology of life “It's about driving. It's about power. We are still hungry”, this was the message that the artist transmitted in the last lines of the song.

It was really easy for him to record his part of the song, since it only took him one try in the studio booth.