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Elton John recently released his new album "The Lockdown Sessions."

Luis Rafael
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The famous British singer Elton John a couple of hours ago released his new album "The Lockdown Sessions", in which you can see the interpretations of the best artists of today working together with this music legend.

The artist had previously announced that he would previously publish this collection, however, it's time for publication had not yet come.

However, despite all this, previously we could enjoy some previews that the artist had published so that his followers could have an idea of what they will find in his collection.

One of these advances was the song he performed with Dua Lipa "Cold Heart", this melody was acclaimed by the followers of both artists and is currently a success.

Elton John recently released his new album "The Lockdown Sessions."
Elton John recently released his new album "The Lockdown Sessions."

This was one of the most difficult albums for Elton John, and it is having excellent results.

In March 2020, Elton had to interrupt his record-breaking “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour due to the improvement of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the world dwindled, several companies popped up with artists that Elton had delighted to bring together through his Apple Music show Rocket Hour.

This was the beginning of one of Elton's generally most difficult and fascinating collections to date, which he has called "The Lockdown Sessions."

In this collection, Elton John performed at ground zero and returned to his basics as a meeting artist. Even though it was difficult to film during a pandemic, an entirely better approach to work, adapted to the situation, and performed better.

The collection takes audiences on a powerful excursion through a wide range of genres, all united with mastery and understanding by one of the greatest music heroes of this century.

Much more than just a collection of coordinated efforts, "The Lockdown Sessions" is a brilliant mix of 16 tracks, with 10 unique tracks, that extols harmony and sees Elton teaming up with an unrivaled range of singers that only he could bring together.

The lasting impact of musical influence alongside the most coveted and coveted project ever achieved in the music world is the mix that Elton John wants to achieve.

More than 20 artists who cross an inconceivable variety of styles, ages, nationalities, each one of them contributing an extraordinary style to the collection, which undoubtedly has its place among one of the most notable songbooks of pop and rock.

His experience during the creative process of "The Lockdown Sessions"

The long journey that Elton John had to make to achieve this magnificent project has not been easy for him, especially due to the situation of the global pandemic.

Obviously Elton was not going to remain silent without first expressing what he wants to convey in this new album that has cost him so much time and dedication. These were the words the artist mentioned:

“The last thing I expected to do during the lockdown was record an album. But, as the pandemic progressed, specific projects emerged. Some recording sessions had to be done remotely, through Zoom, something that obviously had never been done before. Some sessions were recorded under very strict security rules: working with another artist, but separated by glass screens "

Also, the singer added that he worked in an interesting way; because through this project he left his comfort zone, and experienced a totally new cycle.

He pointed out that this experience helped him remember his beginnings in the 60s, when he worked with session musicians, where he received the collaboration of other artists.

"We've had the book, the movie, the farewell tour, the fashion collections and the greatest hits. And now, with 'The Lockdown Sessions', it's fantastic." Thus ended his statement Elton John.