Eugenia Cooney returns to YouTube with video with Shane Dawson

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The well-known influencer Eugenia Cooney thrilled her fans by appearing again on the Youtube platform after a 5-month absence, on the occasion of his friend's birthday and also influencer Shane Dawson presented his fans with a video where he greets and says he is well, while Dawson explains in a strong and long video of an hour and a half, the treatment and rehabilitation of Eugenia Cooney.

Cooney is known for her channel opened in 2013 when she went through a serious problem of anorexia. His extremely thin figure immediately attracted attention and his followers climbed as soon as he uploaded his first videos.

Eugenia Cooney returns to YouTube with video with Shane Dawson

All these years the Youtuber has been struggling with the disease and its announcement months ago to withdraw to focus a little and treat their eating problem with specialists, I was nervous to his followers, hence the emotion to see her well in this new video.

Painful farewell five months ago

"I do not know why but I feel that everyone hates me ... I never want to upset you "eugenia said in her farewell video five months ago, after explaining that she would try to focus on better treating the problem of anorexia that has been affecting her for years.

Immediately in the well-known social network Cooney followers uploaded hundreds of videos wishing him luck in tears, asking him to take good care of himself and be strong and begging him to return as soon as he felt better to inform them about the improvements in his fight against anorexia.

How was the rehabilitation treatment of Eugenia Cooney?

In Dawson's long video we see him approaching the house of his friend and content creator, Eugenia Cooney, to talk with her and provide support, this is how Shawn Dawson brings us closer to Eugenia to immediately tell us about the life of this young woman, her fight against anorexia and the harsh rehabilitation from which she comes out.

In the video we can see how Eugenia herself explains that at the beginning of her illness she did not notice the magnitude of the problem, something common in girls suffering from anorexia. I just thought that maybe I ate very little and could solve it with more appetizing food for her. Her way of eating never alarmed her and her family was patient, understanding the problem but always asking her to please eat something else.

Those who make her understand the seriousness of the problem are her own followers, who started asking her on her own channels to eat a little more, to take care of herself and to take care of her illness because it was not healthy to be like that. In the channel of Eugenia Cooney we can see the girl crying and frustrated before the videos of her fans in those years.

Eugenia Cooney returns to YouTube with video with Shane Dawson

The beginning of Eugenia Cooney's anorexia

When asked by Shawn in the video, the youtuber explains that her problem started in childhood, she never liked to eat well, but she never felt extremely thin, in fact because of the natural coquetry in young girls being thin made her super, when he created the channel he really thought he looked good, healthy, he never thought he was already in an anorexic box until his followers started asking him to eat more and treat himself.

Rules and diet of Eugenia Cooney's anorexia treatment

The young woman explains in the video that the clinic where she was treated works with rules like a camp. From the moment he got up from sleep he had to fulfill certain activities, likewise he can not count on privileges as technological devices to use at will, that is why he said goodbye to the networks for 5 months, he could not take the telephone and All his attention should be focused on carrying out the activities and following the strict diet to improve his health.

Likewise, he tells us that as he meets the conditions of the camp, he eats in a healthy way, gradually allowing him some other privilege. As well eugenia says that patients in their condition are weighed daily but the clinic staff never tells them what their weight is, work avoiding the psychological tension of managing data on the increase or decrease in weight in patients.

The diet of Eugenia Cooney in rehabilitation

In the video with Shawn Dawson, Cooney tells us that they gave him very soft meals and very gradually added quantity. Obviously, eating his whole ration is something he must do even though there is no extreme pressure, it is really about recovering.

As for food, he regularly consumed pancakes, some chicken prepared with few ingredients, but smiling explains that occasionally they gave them junk food, small portions, this with the intention that they get used to what they are supposed to start eating at leaving, the idea is that when leaving the person not only eat better at home, but that is used to occasionally eat a McDonald's sandwich like the ones Eugenia says sometimes took him to add to his diet., but always accompanied by fruits or some other healthy component.

The truth is that I am eating well now, I feel much better and do my best not to return to the critical point where I was, explains Eugenia.

Dawson decides to turn the conversation around to avoid the discomfort that Eugenia Cooney still feels when talking about food and her weight, and asks her about her hobbies, to the surprise of her followers, the girl says that what she likes most is the world of makeup and fashion.

Will Eugenia Cooney return to upload content regularly on her channel?

Before this question he tells us that he will return, with a new image and new content that will surely please his followers, he is excited, happy and leaves an inspiring message for all:

I want you to know that no matter what problem you are going through, you can overcome it. I believe in you and I know that many more people too.

Dawson's video became trend number 01 on YouTube in a few hours and easily exceeds 10,000,000 views:

Video by Shawm Dawson The Return of Eugenia Cooney

(The return of Eugenia Cooney)