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Evaluna acquires the position of ambassador of Cyzone

Luis Rafael
2 min read

Evaluna, she's the new ambassador for Cyzone. The brand of magnificence that age Z likes joins Evaluna as they share two interests: exploring different avenues for cosmetics and doing it together as a community.

This has been stated by Gabriela Casais, Cyzone's brand manager; who mentioned "This union occurs in view of the fact that we accept that partnering and sharing through excellence is what unites us. Testing and appreciating cosmetics is better if we do it together."

He also pointed out that it is a privilege to have Evaluna within the Cyzone family, as she is a symbol of the time for her realism, moxia, compassion and enthusiasm for cosmetics.

Evaluna acquires the position of ambassador of Cyzone – Showbiz – WebMediums
Famous artist Evaluna takes over as Cyzone ambassador

In addition, the director added that Evaluna is a "CyzoneLover" because she loves Studio Look, our expert and durable line.

In this way, it can be seen that the collaboration between Cyzone and Evaluna will be an excursion that will encourage young women to live new encounters with cosmetics and share excellence together.

The famous Evaluna Montaner recently had the opportunity to join the Cyzone company, and she did not miss the opportunity. She is very grateful for her new position as an ambassador for Cyzone and wants to carry out various projects for her personal and company growth.

"I could have declined this request, but I really believe in Cyzone, because I know it is a great company that will help me progress in my career and will be ideal in terms of opportunities and continue to partner with my local area with the best items of magnificence." He explained.

The presentation of Evaluna as an ambassador of the Cyzone brand was declared through her Instagram account @cyzone_oficial and that of the artist @evaluna, in both accounts you can see this wonderful post that shows the incorporation of the famous Venezuelan as an ambassador of Cyzone.

Cyzone is one of the best-known beauty brands of all, with a presence in more than 13 nations in Latin America, designed and made particularly for Generation Z.

With Evaluna as Brand Ambassador, the brand wishes to continue sharing Cyzone's motivation "Contigo Para Ti", which builds the meaning of coming together as a local area to allow, accompany and "challenge" the other and achieve better things together.