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Foo Fighters cancel tour after Taylor Hawkins' death

Luis Rafael
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Foo Fighters cancel tour after Taylor Hawkins' death – Showbiz – WebMediums
Foo Fighters cancel tour after Taylor Hawkins' death

'Foo Fighters' is one of the most successful rock bands in the United States, they currently have a large community of fans in Latin America.

A couple of weeks ago, the group had started a new tour in several Latin American countries, making a presence at Lollapalooza in Argentina and Chile.

His concerts managed to captivate an audience of more than 70 thousand people at music festivals, but a couple of hours ago, ' Foo Fighters' made a special statement.

On Tuesday, March 29, the artists confirmed the official cancellation of the tour after the unexpected death of their drummer ' Taylor Hawkins '.

This news has caused a lot of commotion in the community of Latin fans of the band. In addition, the tickets for the next dates of the group have already been sold and the fans demand the return of their money, after the cancellation of the April shows.

'Foo Fighters' ends their tour to mourn their colleague

The death of Taylor Hawkins was unexpected and sudden for ' Foo Fighters ', therefore, the members of the band decided to cease their activities to pay tribute to their drummer.

Through their social networks, the group released a statement expressing their regret with their followers:

“It is with great sadness that Foo Fighters confirm the cancellation of upcoming tour dates following the unexpected loss of our brother Taylor Hawkins. We will take some time to grieve, heal, get closer to our loved ones and appreciate all the music and memories we have together, "the rock band said via Instagram.

The Foo Fighters statement was made in order to make their fans aware of the terrible loss that the group had and the main reason for the cancellation of the tour.

In addition, at the end of the post they cleared all the doubts of the followers, about whether the tour will continue or not.

Foo Fighters Will Refund 'Stereo Picnic Festival' Ticket Money

The rock band was scheduled to end its performances of the ' Festival Estéreo Picnic ' on April 1, 2022.

After its sudden cancellation, Foo Fighters has decided to return the money from the tickets of the 3 canceled presentations. The return of the tickets will be made through the ticket offices of Bogotá.

How did the Foo Fighters drummer die?

Taylor Hawkins died in a hotel in Bogotá (Colombia), after finishing one of his live shows. The rest of the members of 'Foo Fighters' are also staying in the hotel room, at 50 years of age, he was found dead on the floor of the presidential suite.

To date, coroners and authorities have not reported the cause of death of the American drummer. However, a couple of days ago the Colombian Attorney General's Office made public the result of a preliminary study that they carried out on Hawkins hours after his death.

The authorities chose to do a toxicological test on the artist, in which they found large percentages of substances derived from marijuana, antidepressants and opioids. It should be noted that these results are not sufficient to determine that Taylor Hawkins' death was due to an overdose.