Girls' Generation's Taeyeon causes tears after performing Adele's When We Were Young

Cristian García
2 min read

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is known for possessing one of the most angelic voices in the entire music scene. In this way, he has managed to reap an extremely fruitful career worldwide. Recently, the artist paid tribute to Adele after performing her famous song When We Were Young on the famous Begin Again 3 program.

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon causes tears after performing Adele's When We Were Young

Taeyeon's vocal ability brought tears to the entire audience present and, most likely, the audience that watched the show. The emotion that the artist transmitted, at all times, was something magical and unforgettable. Thus, she would be consolidating herself as a prodigy artist in the music industry, which she had previously demonstrated.

Taeyeon brings entire audience to tears after performing Adele's When We Were Young in Begin Again 3

Begin Again is a South Korean program characterized by providing all kinds of performances by the most famous artists in that country. Therefore, Taeyeon's performance would have managed to dazzle even the fact of being considered one of the best performances of the entire program. Thus, the idol would have expanded the standards in said musical show.

All the viewers of said show were moved by seeing Taeyeon's performance and some even shed some tears. This shows the powerful power of Adele's music and, above all, the incredible voice of these Girls' Generation member. This event would be one of the few of this type seen in the musical show.

The entire Korean and K-pop community have congratulated the artist for such a great performance on Begin Again 3. Some netizens have called her the voice of the generation and said that her talent is unmatched. Therefore, it seems that the artist's career has only just begun despite having spent a variety of years in the music industry.