How many categories do the MTV awards have, and what are they?

Suria Ibañez
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How many categories do the MTV awards have, and what are they?

We already know that the prizes will be held tomorrow night, August 26, however, it is likely that you do not know what the categories are and if so then here are them, there are twenty, and you will see them below.

There are some categories related to videos such as:

* Video of the year.

* Best pop video.

* Best rock video.

* Best hip-hop video.

* Best dance video.

* Best Latin video.

* Best video with a social message.

Among the categories there are also some more categories, related to artists such as:

*Artist of the Year.

* Best New Artist.

* Push Artist of the Year.

There are also some categories specifically intended for songs such as:

* Song of the year.

*Summer song.

* Better collaboration.

There are some more, the rest of the categories are:

* Best art direction.

* Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

* Best choreography.

* Better visual effects.

* Better editing.

* Best cinematography.

* Best direction.

These are the current categories, however there were also some more categories that disappeared or were transformed. The more experimental video category was replaced by the breakthrough video category, which was later eliminated over the years as well.

Some more categories that currently disappeared are: Best Rap Video, Best Artist Website, Best Video Performance, Best Latin Artist, Best Male Video, Best Female Video, MTV2 Award, among a few more.

If you are ready or ready for the MTV awards, but you have not yet voted, do not worry because you can still do it at until tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. You can have 10 votes per category per day so run to vote because you have very little time left.

There will be 14 winners in total, who will be chosen from among the 20 categories.