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J Balvin publicly apologized for the controversial topic "Perra"

Darwin Nexans
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Through the social network Instagram, the interpreter admitted that many women may have been offended by the lyrics of the song.

J Balvin publicly apologized for the controversial topic "Perra"

The controversy has not stopped haunting the reggaeton singer J Balvin, since the exponent now decided to apologize for the controversy he caused with the video of his song "Perra", which was criticized by various public voices such as the Colombian vice president Martha Lucía Ramírez, who described him as sexist, macho and misogynist.

Through a publication on his Instagram account, the Colombian-born singer offered his apologies to all those who may have felt offended in any way, "especially women and the black community," said Balvin.

On the other hand, the interpreter also affirmed that he was the one who decided to remove the video from YouTube, thus clearing the rumors that it had been the video company that would have removed it.

In addition, he asserted that he made that decision due to the large amount of criticism that was made.

And it is that among the accusations made to J Balvin and his theme, that of his mother, Alba Mery Balvin, stands out, who last week told some media that she felt indignant with the song that her son interprets with the Dominican rapper Tokischa.

J Balvin publicly apologized for the controversial topic "Perra"

The singer's mother added that when she found out what happened she called Balvin, and told him that she did not know "I did not see my joseito anywhere." He justified the bad moment as an experience "and this is what we live", while ensuring that no one can be idealized.

It should be noted that the topic "Bitch" has been widely criticized, not only for the images, where you can see Balvin "walking" two Afro-descendant women tied with a strap, neck chains and a muzzle, but also because in the lyrics of the song the zeal of the female of the dog and the woman is compared.

Tokischa defended Balvin

J Balvin publicly apologized for the controversial topic "Perra"

The singer Tokischa, with whom Balvin co-stars in the song, also spoke out about the controversy, and assured that her partner was always respectful of art when performing the song.

He said that women who are more reserved on the subject of sexuality, have approached him and have expressed that they would like "to be a bitch, as well as."

On the other hand, he stressed that people already felt the issue "they enjoyed it" and will continue to do so. "Music doesn't die," he added.

Satirical representation

When the controversy was in full swing, the director of the video Raymi Paulus, in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine that the audiovisual material was a satirical representation of the various contexts in which the word bitch is used.

He also indicated that the video was decontextualized, and that within the objectives of their creative process, they never thought of promoting racism or misogyny. He added that the video was recorded "in the neighborhood," where people of color were included.

Regarding the criticisms made by the Colombian vice president, Paulus, he only said: "my friends (Colombians) tell me that the elections are approaching," suggesting that everything is a political maneuver by the foreign minister, Martha Lucía Ramírez.