Jennifer Lopez meets Marc Anthony and his girlfriend at her daughter's school activity

 Jender Milano
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They were one of the couples that most liked the public while they were together, now that they separated, they are an example of how a relationship should cope doing the maximum to support their children together. In the lives of Emme and Max, daughter of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, her parents are usually not lacking in their special moments, even though they are famous or having new partners, they are both with her. Copy.

Jennifer Lopez meets Marc Anthony and his girlfriend at her daughter's school activity

Jennifer with her partner, Marc with hers, both with their daughter

In the images of the school event in which Emme participated, we could see Marc Anthony with the beautiful Raffallea Modugno and Jennifer Lopez did the same with Alex Rodríguez, her current partner.

Seeing the photos of this event is to look at the girl's life since her parents were together until now, they have never been lacking as parents, together in their events, although they share at the same time with new partners of each one.

The life of artists is complex and many times more than what we notice from the outside, where everything seems like parties and a lot of money, some have problems so heavy that they end up threatening their lives, a good part of these problems arise precisely from not knowing how to balance their new lives, new partners, with their responsibilities already established. In this case, the responsibility as parents has always been well taken care of by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, who make Emme and Max very happy with their presence and constant support in their lives.

At the end of the activities with their children, they often go out for lunch in a group, as we have already seen in photos, although this time, perhaps because it was a somewhat busy activity, it did not lend itself to a group sharing at the end.