Liam Payne posts hot photo by mistake

Suria Ibañez
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The Internet can be a great ally or a great enemy depending on how it is used and this time it was an enemy for Liam Payne who had a bad move on Instagram after making a mistake with a story. The handsome singer managed to get the attention of many girls after his publication.

Liam Payne rose to fame for his participation in One Direction, the group was a success however they separated. Although the fact that they have separated does not eliminate the hope of the fans to see them together again, it is a fact that even each one on their own has triumphed and has many and many followers.

This time everything seems to indicate that Liam Payne was in a racy talk better known as sexting due to the content of the image. The photograph was published however he immediately deleted it which raised suspicions about what was a mistake. After that, the question is, who was the lucky one who would receive it? Very few fans managed to take a capture of that moment, but it is a fact that the Internet does not forgive anything and the photo is already circulating.

Liam appears lying on the bed, however what is striking is the position in which the 25-year-old singer is. He is lying on white sheets showing his charming and exercised abdomen. In addition, his hand is on the sheets going down to his private parts.

The comments by the fans that were derived from this burning photograph were hinting that another oversight on the part of the singer would not be bad because of course who would bother to see this handsome man naked.

Liam currently has 17,681,096 million followers on Instagram, so anything he does will undoubtedly take little to go viral.

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