Metallica concerts suspended: James Hetfield will treat his addiction to alcohol

 Jender Milano
2 min read

The fans of the well-known band Metallica received with regret the news of the suspension of the group's tour, this with few dates remaining. However, the reason is something positive: The leader of the band, James Hetfield, decided to treat himself permanently to get out of his addiction to alcohol.

Metallica concerts suspended: James Hetfield will treat his addiction to alcohol

Australia and New Zealand were the places affected by this suspension. The reasons were clear: Hetfield has said that he is fine, there are too many problems in his life, and he does not want to always be in that situation of dependency that threatens to seriously affect his career.

Kirt Hammet, guitarist of the band, mentioned that James is a fighter and has decided to get ahead with his life facing this problem. It has been known that the rehabilitation will be complete, which includes staying in a clinic for as long as the specialists deem necessary, which explains the suspension of the tour.

Although many fans were affected, with hundreds or thousands who travel from one city and one country to another just to witness the band's concerts, the fact that James Hetfield is going to be treated seriously to overcome alcoholism has made good news. Received, as far as possible, the fans have been quite sympathetic to the moment the leader and the band are going through.

The cost of the tickets of the suspended concerts of Metallica will be refunded

This was communicated from the band's website, where some links will allow the entire process to be covered online. In this way, apologizing for the inconvenience and the expectation that fans always have to enjoy their concerts, the band completely covers the monetary issue for those who had bought tickets from months before even.