Miley Cyrus explained the reasons why she does not want to have children

Fermín Gómez
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A lot has to change things so that Miley Cyrus feel that the world can bring children. She says so herself, that she is so aware of certain issues that she considers it almost illogical to bring new life to the world.

Singer Miley Cyrus he has stated in a recent interview with a famous entertainment magazine that things would have to change a lot to be encouraged to have children.

Miley Cyrus explained the reasons why she does not want to have children

After a wedding that surprised Tyrians and Trojans, with Liam Hemsworth, his fans wondered if he would dare to be a mother, but Miley Cyrus he has not given much hope in this regard.

The reasons are quite strong, she along with her husband, is convinced of the importance of ecology and problems such as climate change that seriously affects the environment.

Miley Cyrus she summarized her position in a very clear way, there must be a verifiable reduction of the contamination so that she considers her plans as a future mother and have offspring with her husband. With so many natural disasters that we are suffering lately, you have no other option [than not being a mother]. You have to surrender. Nature is feminine and, when you get angry, you'd better not touch the ovaries, he said bluntly.

He also explained when the time will come when he can pose it: I do not intend to bring any person to this world until he feels that he will be able to grow in a place where there are still fish in the water.

She fervently defends the decision of women who do not want to be mothers, even without such ecologist reasons as his. We are supposed to be responsible for keeping our planet populated. And when that does not fit into our plans, everyone judges you and gets angry with you.

Your final words may sound a bit harsh to some: If you do not have children, people feel sorry for you. They see you as a cold, heartless woman unable to love.