Miley Cyrus Slide Away For The First Time Live At The MTV Awards

Suria Ibañez
2 min read

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth separated a few weeks ago and clearly the separation has been difficult for Liam, although for Miley it seems that it has not been. Many rumors have been given about the reason for the separation, including an infidelity on the part of Miley.

Liam is having a difficult time, however, everything seems to indicate or at least that is confirmed by the rumors that Liam has already found someone to deal with his sorrows, although for many that would not be the right thing because the girl that is being talked about was his brother's ex-girlfriend now married to Elsa Pataky.

Miley after their separation did not say anything, however in her own way she spoke and did it with a new song that is suspected to be directed to Liam, the topic is Slide Away, which will be presented at the MTV awards, although it was doubted if the best was that this pretty girl will show up or not.

The song implies an already mature romance, a love story that has already closed, it is as if the girl felt locked in something that is not because in that theme there are certain lines such as "I want my house in the hills" Cyrus from the beginning announced that she did not fit the mold of the perfect or innocent wife.

Although Miley refused to accept any infidelity on his part there was evidence of it with the model Kaitlynn Carter. After those accusations, Miley said that she would not accept those accusations because her marriage had not ended for those reasons.

However, today we only have to wait to see her performance because in the face of adversity the best thing is to take refuge in what we love and Miley loves music and glamor, so she is surely in the perfect place at this time of her life.

Miley Cyrus Slide Away For The First Time Live At The MTV Awards