New rumors claim TWICE's Mina could definitely leave the group

Cristian García
2 min read

Recently, TWICE's agency JYP Entertainment announced that this female K-pop group would be making a documentary series on the famous YouTube Originals service. In this way, said content would be based on the North American dates of TWICELIGHTS 2019, dates in which Mina would not participate, a member who would be away from the media due to strong anxiety problems.

New rumors claim TWICE's Mina could definitely leave the group

Because of all this, Netizens and the K-pop community have started to generate speculation about whether the TWICE member is leaving the group for good. All these rumors have occurred because there are many possibilities that Mina will not participate in the next comeback of the female group and that she will not be present in the documentary series that they will shoot for YouTube Originals.

At the moment, JYP Entertainment has not indicated if Mina would be participating in TWICE's next musical comeback or if, in turn, she would be part of the new series that would be broadcast on the YouTube platform. Thus, more and more rumors are being formed about this mysterious disease of the K-pop artist and all the consequences that it could cause.

On Twitter, the TWICE account made the announcement of the new YouTube Originals docu-series by posting an image where Mina was not present:

The reality is that TWICE or ONCE fans have already expressed their sadness for Mina's health stage. Therefore, many of them have used social networks to wish the said member of the K-pop girl group all the best.

Mina recently retired from the stage due to strong anxiety and insecurity problems that the artist presented when performing in public. In this way, the artist would be resting from her busy schedule and would be treating all the problems that she is currently suffering from.