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Paris Hilton: One Wedding and Seven Dresses

The heiress to the hotel empire Hilton married for the fourth time, and did not skimp on resources to celebrate this link

Darwin Nexans
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Paris Hilton: One Wedding and Seven Dresses – Showbiz – WebMediums
The celebrity married estate of Bel-Air

Socialite Paris Hilton married American businessman and author Carter Reum this weekend in a no- cost celebration that lasted three days.

The holiday was held at the Bel-Air estate in Los Angeles, United States that belonged to Paris's late grandfather, Mr. Barron Hilton. The place was attended by great celebrities such as Kyle Richards, Paula Abdul, Kim Kardashian, Bebe Rexha and Emma Roberts.

But one of the things that most caught the attention of the wedding were the seven dresses that the 40-year-old blonde wore.

Paris Hilton: One Wedding and Seven Dresses – Showbiz – WebMediums

The changes of look of Paris Hilton

1. The diva began the ceremony with a dress created by designer Óscar de la Renta. It has been described as a traditional suit, with long sleeves, a perkins neckline and an open back.

In addition to that, at the back she had a giant bow, and she used a spectacular tulle veil.

2. During the banquet, Hilton also wore an Oscar de la Renta signature dress. This was a bit more daring, it is a short suit in which he showed his incredible and delicate legs.

The suit was embroidered with flowers by hand, the skirt was puffed with spectacular pleats. The sleeves of this garment were short, and with a boat neckline, it could be said that it was a dress very much in the style of the heiress of the Hilton empire.

3. In her third change, Paris opted for a design by Pamella Roland, who created something more elegant, a long suit, with a rather pronounced side slit.

It had a V-neckline, and also wore a wonderful cape on the shoulders that enhanced its elegance and sophistication. As for the hairstyle, the celebrity wore a bun and a sparkly headband.

4. Galia Lahav also designed a suit for Hilton that became her fourth marriage, but was celebrated as her first. Lahav was chosen to create the dress for the wedding dance.

Its design was very princess style, long with a discreet neckline with dropped shoulders, which reveal a romantic touch. She was also wearing a corset and a somewhat puffy skirt.

5. Hilton closed the celebration of their marriage with a costume party at the Santa Monica amusement park. Here she used a pink wedding dress. The design was of a short skirt and a veil also in pink, with which it did not go unnoticed, and with which it made it look like a Barbie.

6. The sixth dress of the American celebrity, she wore it at a party she held at the Bel-Air mansion. On this occasion, Paris wore a very shiny suit, with hundreds of stars, and transparencies. Long sleeves and a fairly discreet train.

7. Although the celebration ended, Paris did not stop releasing wedding dresses, since through social networks it was seen with a white suit, with short sleeves, and a spectacular floral fabric.

With this suit he announced what will be the documentary in which he tells all the details of his great wedding.

Who is Paris Hilton's husband?

Paris Hilton: One Wedding and Seven Dresses – Showbiz – WebMediums

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, C arter Reum the now husband of the eccentric Paris Hilton is an American author and businessman, but let's get to know a little more about this man who captivated the heart of the coveted blonde.

Reum was born in the city of Chicago, United States on February 5, 1981.

He graduated in 2003 from Columbia University. He stands out for his potential for business, and he made his mark in the world when he founded M13 Ventures, a firm that invests capital in star-ups.

Among the investments it has made with this company is the injection it made to Snachat, SpaceX, Pinterest, Headspace and Rubicon. His assets exceed 35 million dollars.

His father was billionaire W Robert Reum, who presided over Amsted Industries, one of the largest in North America, according to Forbes magazine.

Carter's business skills have also been seen, thanks to the fact that together with his brother Courtney, he managed to position the premium spirits company Veev on the list of the most thriving in this sector.

Regarding his role as an author, he also published with his brother a book entitled hortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success, through which they narrate how they have achieved their businesses, and which is also a kind of guide for new entrepreneurs.

Thanks to this book, Carter has been invited to various television programs and conferences where he motivates and inspires new entrepreneurs to bet on the business world as an alternative to create a wealth that makes them independent of their employers.