Produce X 101: program is under investigation due to manipulation of results

Cristian García
2 min read

Produce X 101 has been one of the top entertainment shows in South Korea. In this way, said competition program would join all those shows that would seek to find the biggest idols in the music scene. Even so, not everything has been positive for said television show, since it has been reported that the votes of this talent contest have been manipulated from its second chapter.

Produce X 101: program is under investigation due to manipulation of results

The statements were reportedly made by Maeil Business, the main news daily in South Korea. In this way, said newspaper would have commented that Produce X 101 suffered from modification of results since its second chapter. In addition, I would point out that I would have corroborating evidence that would corroborate all this very serious information.

Produce X 101 would have manipulated results to favor idols

The Maeil Business revealed the total list of votes in each of the parameters (live voting, through the web and the app). In this way, this medium has indicated that Mnet would have modified the votes so that they were distributed for the benefit of the 11 winning members. Therefore, the voting results, when divided by 11, would give an almost exact value, except for decimals.

Even so, some parameters, such as live and app voting, do not give exact numbers when divided by 11, which would clearly reflect that there was a manipulation of data by the organizers of said TV program to favor the winning idols of the contest. Thus, the entire K-pop community would be extremely disappointed by this shocking news.

The South Korean police have already indicated that they would be taking action on the matter to find the truth and, if possible, sanction the organizers of said program due to clear fraud. It must be remembered that these types of acts are highly penalized, since they do not reflect reality and make viewers deposit money in an event that would not really count on their participation.