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Resident announces a new song after the controversy with J Balvin

Many followers of urban music have been following the controversy of J Balvin and resident.

Veronica Morao
2 min read
Resident announces a new song after the controversy with J Balvin

After the scandal over his controversial song towards J Balvin, Residente has announced a new song called "This is not America."

With this, the Puerto Rican shows that he has not wasted time and has taken advantage of every second of his fame. While The response from singer J Balvin is still awaited.

As a surprise to all his fans, today Residente announced a new release through his social networks. The singer shared a preview of his new work, with great pride.

This is not America” is the name of the Puerto Rican artist's new project. In the advance of this production, he is seen surrounded by weapons and with facial expressions that could indicate that a fairly strong letter is coming, but that until now is unknown.

Residente explained that those who write use a pencil to say things and that, until now, there is no one to stop him.

Likewise, the singer decided to join the TikTok community, and published his first video with the following title: "My first TikTok Challenge can only be done by me", surprising all his followers.

In the video, the Puerto Rican can be seen forming his own logo ([R]) in fast motion. He took his time to arrange his more than 30 Grammys, which he has won throughout his artistic career.

"My first TikTok Challenge can be done only by me",

Then I add that people can do it too, but with the awards won at the Billboards.

BZEP Music Sessions #49” has reached a view count of more than 60 million views. In this way, it remains in the #1 trending position on YouTube and Spotify.

Thus, Residente thanked all his followers for supporting his style, using the most outstanding phrase of this hit, and assured that he had only done it to have fun.