RM reveals secrets about BTS's plans on their V Live vacation with Jimin

Cristian García
2 min read

Jimin, Jin, and RM of BTS recently participated in a live broadcast on the renowned platform V LIVE. In this way, the members chatted with their fans for about 1 hour about various topics such as what they would be doing on their future vacation. RM was the focus of said broadcast by releasing clues about the group's possible secret project that they would be planning during their vacation.

RM reveals secrets about BTS's plans on their V Live vacation with Jimin

The broadcast began with Jin and Jimin, who shared a quiet and entertaining chat with their fans. In this way, it is not yet known if the South Korean group will continue to broadcast live during its long vacation that will last until October.

After a while, Jin retires from V LIVE giving way to the famous leader of the group, RM. Something that surprised the fans or ARMY was the rapper's clothing, showing the singer's figure. All this shows that RM is someone who feels safe with his body, since he usually uses this type of clothing, even if it is in the spotlight around the world.

During a talk between Jimin and RM, the famous BTS leader asked Jimin to keep secret what they were doing or continue to do during their long vacation. Therefore, everything seems to point to a mysterious musical project hidden between this supposed group break:

What we did at the place we talked about our vacation has yet to be revealed. It has not yet been revealed, what we did / do. Still, if it hasn't been revealed, it's best not to talk about it.

After saying this, Jimin responds to RM by pretending he doesn't know anything. Seeing the reaction of the BTS member, RM shows regret for having said those words and begins to look somewhat embarrassed before the fans who were watching him live.

BTS fans have already started to generate all kinds of suspicions about these words given by RM about the vacation of this South Korean group. Everything seems to point to a secret musical project being carried out, which could be released immediately with the return of perhaps the most successful K-pop group to date.