Salma Hayek is in Mexico more beautiful than ever

Suria Ibañez
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Salma Hayek is a woman who dazzles at all times, and now she has done it in Mexico. Salma Hayek is currently 53 years old, this beautiful actress and producer, but without a doubt, she looks much younger and is the envy of many women and the illusion of many men.

Salma Hayek is in Mexico more beautiful than ever – Showbiz – WebMediums

Salma Hayek promotes the Monarch series

A couple of days ago I landed in Mexico to be exact in the heart of Mexico, that is to say in the CDMX. With a super cute dance and a black sweater, this beautiful Mexican announced her arrival in Mexico. This with the din of promoting his series "Monarch".

After her arrival in Mexico, this beautiful woman stole the attention of many journalists and television hosts, among them the attention of the beautiful Andrea Legarreta who was one of the lucky ones to be able to interview Salma Hayek. In the photograph they both look gorgeous, but Salma Hayek's beauty is not overshadowed at any time.

Gucci is the responsible brand behind the beauty of this woman with her unique outfits. This Italian brand has always been behind the beauty of Salma Hayek with dreamy outfits.

However, Salma Hayek looks gorgeous with everything, and she demonstrated it with a fascinating electric blue dress that highlights her buttocks in a spectacular way. In itself, this pretty girl has an impressive figure and does an excellent job choosing her outfit.

Salma Hayek thanked Gucci wearing a beautiful black dress through her Instagram that makes her look much more sophisticated. Monarca is a series in which Salma Hayek collaborated producing it, which is about to premiere this September 13 and is already one of the most anticipated by all the fans of this beautiful Mexican woman.