Sexy with leathers: Ariana Grande turns on Instagram

 Jender Milano
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She is one of the best stars of the moment, with 163 million followers on Instagram, Ariana Grande definitely came to make a mark in the entertainment world. This girl, barely 26 years old and who among other achievements has shared the stage with the great Barbra Streissand, always gives us something to talk about, sometimes because of her concerts and other times because of her sexy figure who knows very well how and when to show.

Sexy with leathers: Ariana Grande turns on Instagram – Showbiz – WebMediums

Demi Lovato and Halle Berry shocked by Ariana's photo on Instagram

Not only her millions of followers were shocked (the photo is on its way to 4,000,000 likes), also women consecrated as sexy stars such as Demi Lovato and Halle Berry commented on the image, placing burning emojis in reaction.

Just days ago, Ariana won one of the most important awards in the industry such as Artist of the Year on the night of the MTV Video Music Awards, one more step in a career that never seems to stop, in addition to that award., Ariana was the most awarded of the night with 3 awards apart from Artist of the Year.

Ariana is one of the few stars who is so good at transforming from a sweet girl to a sexy hottie, on her Instagram you can get photos of both styles almost in a row, and she always looks beautiful, the reactions of her followers and other artists like that demonstrated.

Ariana Grande is sexy without touching the vulgar

Ariana knows how to make the most of the style and glamor that her stylized body gives her, and she has never needed nudity or exaggerated or vulgar poses, that way in this photo she simply appears sitting in sexy black leather clothes but without showing more than necessary, the tall leather boots and the crossed shoulder straps on her chest have undoubtedly brought sighs of millions.

There is no other way to put it, this girl was born to be a show queen.

Sexy with leathers: Ariana Grande turns on Instagram – Showbiz – WebMediums