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Shakira reveals the drama she suffered moments before Super Bowl LIV 2020

Luis Rafael
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The singer from Colombia went through very strange and extremely complicated moments just before performing in February of last year before the public at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami.

Shakira was one of the main protagonists of Super Bowl LIV in February 2020, and it was celebrated in the authentic Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

The Colombian was in charge of acting, along with Jennifer López, during the halftime show, however, the bases for such a significant occasion were full of disasters.

The vocalist is in charge of the British edition of Glamor magazine and in the talk she had with the interviewer she revealed that she went "crazy" when she saw what happened just a couple of hours before she appeared before the public.

Shakira reveals the drama she suffered moments before Super Bowl LIV 2020
Shakira reveals the drama she suffered moments before Super Bowl LIV 2020

Shakira was interviewed by Glamor magazine and mentioned the drama she suffered before Super Bowl 2020

Shakira expressed all her terrible experience that happened moments before appearing in Super Bowl LIV in 2020, these were the words she said:

"Honestly, I cannot assimilate what happened to me a few moments before the night in which I presented Super Bowl. At that moment I made a shade in my hair, with precisely the same color that I usually use. Also, that night my hair was it suddenly turned black, "admits Shakira. As if that were not enough, on the same day of the big event, Shakira celebrated her birthday.

Colombian singer Shakira suffered from irritation in her hair leather

"It was my birthday. It was almost 12 at night. What's more, obviously the next day I have to be aware and be prepared and be amazing and sparkling. But no, obviously there had to be an inconvenience, especially before the Super Bowl. Really I went crazy", continues the Colombian singer.

Together with her group, Shakira tried to solve the problem as quickly as possible, even though she paid dearly for it. Had to re-dye it using hydrogen peroxide. And Shakira's scalp was very irritated, and it affected her a lot, the singer mentioned.

After that many things happened to the artist, she has had a wide variety of problems with her hair. She has always been very frustrated when this kind of thing happens to her, especially just before important moments.

Shakira has always had problems with her hair

Shakira stated that her hair is one of the few parts of her body that she has problems with, that it has always been the reason for her suffering, it is always quite inopportune.

Interestingly, it brought her so many difficulties on such an unusual day, a day in which the Colombian left a mark on the world by being one of the first two Latina women in history to present the halftime show of a Super Bowl, the most watched broadcast occasion in the United States.