Sulli of K-pop group f (x) found dead

Cristian García
2 min read

K-pop artist Sulli (Choi Jin-Ri) was found dead earlier today in her apartment in Seongman in South Korea. Thus, the f (x) artist would be shocking the entire K-pop community after this tragic event. The idol would have been away from the media after retiring from said group for 2014, so all this serious news would be reflecting an extremely depressing past that the idol came to live.

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Sulli was a heavily criticized artist in South Korea, due to her posts on Instagram and having a relationship with a man 10 times her senior. Although these things are very common in other countries, in Korea it is often seen as a demeaning fact. Therefore, the cause of his suicide could have been the negative criticism and mistreatment he received during his last years of life.

K-pop community is in mourning: f (x) Sulli found dead

The reality is that K-pop artists tend to live very tense moments, since a lot is demanded of them, and they even become over-exploited by the agencies where they sign. This is a lake that has been seen with many other artists before, resulting in serious emotional problems and even death. The latter would be something that unfortunately was seen in the artist Sulli of f (x).

Despite the fact that Sulli received many negative reviews in her country, she had many fans worldwide. Therefore, many fans have been saddened by the news and would be in mourning. On Twitter, much K-pop and f (x) fans have expressed their pain, and have dedicated a final word to the artist.

The causes that caused Sulli to commit suicide are still unknown. In any case, everything seems to point to the fact that it has been as a result of the constant negative criticism he received on his social networks and the fact that he presented difficulties in his life as an entertainment artist. There would be nothing left but to dedicate a moment of mourning to remember this artist so loved worldwide.