Super M stops filming after Sulli's death

Suria Ibañez
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This morning we woke up with sad news and that is that Twitter exploded with the news of Sulli's death. Without a doubt, fans of this young woman and of artists from the same industry are in shock after the news, because it could be said that Sulli was almost at the beginning of her life with only 25 years.

Super M stops filming after Sulli's death – Showbiz – WebMediums

Sulli is found dead

In solidarity with the tragic death of the young woman, many artists canceled live events and activities scheduled for today. Of course some of the first to do so were her friend Amber and Super junior.

It should be noted that Super junior had his return planned with the long-awaited video for "Super clap", which would be released today. However, the group decided to delay its premiere in mourning and solidarity after Sulli's death. The video is expected to be released until October 17.

Super M stops filming after Sulli's death – Showbiz – WebMediums

Amber who is presumed to be a close friend of Sulli has not declared, but if she has decided not to have events on her agenda, she has also announced it through Twitter. However, not only they have expressed solidarity and dismay with the death of Sulli who according to her colleagues and fans was a great singer, actress and above all a wonderful person.

Super M was also with activities for today, they were in recordings of their special program, "Super M: The beginning" however, with the news they decided to stop the recordings.

There were also people who expressed their amazement through social networks such as Twitter and Instagram dedicating beautiful words to him and highlighting his charisma and personality.

There is no doubt that Sulli's death has many people dismayed, and it is not for less because Sulli still had a long way to go.

Super M stops filming after Sulli's death – Showbiz – WebMediums