SuperM reveals phone number and gives fans opportunity to contact them

Cristian García
2 min read

SuperM is SM Entertainment's new group, which would be made up of members from EXO, SHINEE, NCT, and WayV. In this way, all the expectations that there are towards the group are extremely wide, reaching great relevance throughout the world. A short time ago, this boy band would have revealed their telephone number, where fans could contact all the members of said group.

SuperM reveals phone number and gives fans opportunity to contact them

The phone number the group shared was from the United States and had a Los Angeles area code. Therefore, everything seems to indicate that SuperM will go through the US market, leaving aside its territory in South Korea. This has generated even more expectations knowing that Capitol Records would be supporting all the work that is involved.

SuperM reveals phone number and fans explode with excitement

The entire announcement was made on SuperM's social networks, where all kinds of people commented on the excitement of having the opportunity to contact the members of said boy band. Thus, it seems that there will be a special event where the idols will have a special meeting with all the fans that follow this group.

At the moment, there has been no news about what this whole new campaign that SuperM started will be about, although it is most likely that some people are lucky enough to have an intimate encounter with these members who are so relevant today.

In recent days, the video teasers of each of the members of said group have been released. In this way, it has been discovered the style that each of the idols would have and what would be the concept to take in the debut of SuperM.

In this way, more and more news is generated around this boy band that promises to be the most important of all time. For this reason, SuperM has already been nicknamed The Avengers of K-pop. Thus, said community wants to see the K-pop group in action to know all their skills.