SuperM's Jopping Leaks & Ellen Show Announcement

Cristian García
2 min read

SuperM is perhaps one of the most anticipated K-pop groups of this year. He himself would be integrating members of EXO, SHINEE, NCT, and WayV. For this reason, all kinds of announcements that are given about said boy band are becoming more and more relevant. Even so, not everything seems to be positive for this group, since today their debut song, Jopping, would have been leaked.

SuperM's Jopping Leaks & Ellen Show Announcement – Showbiz – WebMediums

All the news would have been given on the Weibo platform, where a user would be publishing a piece of the subject. Therefore, it seems that SM Entertainment, SuperM's agency, would be experiencing a new case of leak, since EXO had previously lived a similar moment with their theme TEMPO.

SuperM's jopping is leaked online

The K-pop fans did not take long to respond to all this event, which would be damaging the reputation of these idols and the success they would be achieving with Jopping. Therefore, many users joined in making requests to remove such filtered audio, which would show much of the Jopping topic.

In this way, everything seems to indicate that Jopping could be fractured after the leaks. Even so, not everything has been overshadowed, since, according to many comments, Jopping would be a very successful song thanks to its particular sound and its ability to stand out from any other recently released song.

SuperM to debut in the United States and perform on Ellen

The official accounts of SuperM have given the announcement that said boy band would be presenting in that musical program. In this way, these idols would have the honor of attending one of the most important shows in the United States, where they can demonstrate their broad qualities of both dance and singing.

The appearance would be made on October 9, the week when the group's first EP would be debuting. In addition, the theme Jopping would also come out for said first debut week, which would make SuperM have a premiere in great proportions and possibly manage to generate never before seen numbers for a musical debut.