Taehyung, RM and BTS Jimin show how they have fun on vacation

Cristian García
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BTS is currently from Holidays, so each of its members is making a variety of activities that correspond to your entertainment. Although all of these members have moved away from public spotlights, Taehyung, RM and Jimin have decided to share with their fans or army some Images of what they have been doing at this time of rest.

Taehyung, RM and BTS Jimin show how they have fun on vacation

All photographs and videos were uploaded to twitter account, where you have been able to witness, to each member, making a series of activities that They would be of extreme liking. In this way, new aspects of these three members of the famous k-pop band would be known.

V, RM and Jimin de BTS show everything they have been doing during their temporary rest

RM has been the member of BTS more active in social networks. In this way, the famous rapper and leader of the K-Pop group has uploaded a series of images where you can see visiting a variety of sites and, above all, Museum s. Recently, RM would have gone from travel to Venice where he took a series of photos showing how much he loved this place.

Everything seems to point to Jimin and RM are very close, since both artists traveled together to Venice. In this way, Jimin took a series of images in that place and, in addition, published a video where it shows its excitement to visit this renowned site worldwide. The artist looks a simple and calm aspect, which would show that Jimin is a very humble person who likes to live with total tranquility.

Taehyung has not been left behind and has decided Publish some images of your trips made with your South Korea colleagues. Although the trip that made V is unknown to BTS, it seems that he has enjoyed him much the time of him in the company of Idol friends of him. In the photographs, you see the artist enjoy a variety of landscapes and go swimming accompanied by what seems to be a yacht.

All this shows that BTS members are enjoying their best after taking their first vacation since their debut. So, this group would be preparing to return, with all the energies, in the month of October Showing a new facet of each of the most famous Boy Band members of today.