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Thalia claims that socialite Kim Kardashian copied her style by wearing her Pink outfit

Luis Rafael
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Renowned Mexican vocalist Thalía made a comparison of an extravagant pink Mexican suit that she wore more than thirty years ago with a selective suit from the French fashion house Balenciaga, and that Kim Kardashian wore lately, stating that she taught Kim how to dress.

The acclaimed artist, 50, posted a photo taken during her early days as a freelance artist in which she is seen in a Mexican pink jumpsuit, off the shoulders and long sleeves that she wore with her voluminous, wavy, shiny mane.

Thalía published the image through the media to show everyone the similarity with Kardashian's outfit and show everyone that she stole her pink style.

Thalia claims that socialite Kim Kardashian copied her style by wearing her Pink outfit
Thalia claims that socialite Kim Kardashian copied her style by wearing her Pink outfit

Kim Kardashian wore a pink dress on Saturday Night Life identical to Thalia's

Famous businesswoman Kim Kardashian recently stood out by contrasting her energetic outfit with a tight pink jumpsuit that the showy American socialite wore during her presentation as host of the hit television show "Saturday Night Live".

The photo that the actress and artist from Mexico City shared through informal communities added many responses and comments from her dedicated fans who called her "Queen of Style" and highlighted the innovation of the outfit she wore in 1990.

The wife of one of the most successful music producers “Tommy Mottola” is perhaps the most stylish Latina in the media and a couple of months earlier she celebrated her birthday by reproducing the most notorious outfits of her music career.

He is one of the most beautiful Latino faces in the media and during his extensive artistic career he has appeared on the cover of esteemed magazines and has become the image of prestigious world brands.

The one who was once a member of Timbiriche is one of the most acclaimed musical examples by the general population, and throughout her thirty-year career as a soloist she has distinguished herself by her unquestionable ability and attractive character.

The Mexican artist Thalía premiered “Baila asi” with Becky G

Thalía premiered her new song "Baila Así" on all computerized stages, a song with Latin and metropolitan rhythms that she recorded as a team with Chiquis Rivera, Becky G and the Argentine rapper couple Play-N-Skillz.

From there, she has shared fun movements in which she can be seen influencing her contour adapted to the attractive musicality of the new single, which has been generally well-received by the Hispanic public and has become one of the melodies that receive the most attention has received on the sidelines of everything.

Thalía is one of the most outstanding Latin singers in sales in history, has achieved gold and platinum collections in 22 nations around the world and has been considered the Latin Madonna in the Hispanic market by Billboard magazine.

Thalía has numerous fans around the world who have seen her shine from her beginnings in Mexican dramas to becoming one of the most persuasive Latina specialists in the media.