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The famous singer Ricardo Arjona will make his “Black and White” tour in the United States in 2022

Luis Rafael
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Guatemalan singer and songwriter Ricardo Arjona plans to tour the United States next year.

For this tour the artist will visit 25 cities in North America, it is important to note that the singer mentioned that this song will include 14 original songs.

Tickets for the "Black and White" shows in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada have been available since October 8, as reported on Wednesday by the Miami-based company Loud and Live, which is in charge of this tour to be performed by the singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona.

This tour is promising, Ricardo Arjona will perform Show in 25 cities throughout the United States, Arjona is very excited about the experiences he will live in "Black and White".

The visit will begin on March 24, 2022 in Albuquerque, in the United States territory of New Mexico, and will end on June 11 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The famous singer Ricardo Arjona will make his “Black and White” tour in the United States in...
The famous singer Ricardo Arjona will make his “Black and White” tour in the United States in 2022

What cities will Ricardo Arjona visit for this tour?

The route of this tour will make stops in New York, Boston (Massachusetts), Chicago (Illinois), Salt Lake City (Utah), Seattle (Washington), Washington DC, Charlotte (North Carolina) and Toronto (Canada). Phoenix and Tucson (Arizona), Dallas, Houston, Midland, Laredo, El Paso and Mcallen (Texas), San José, Fresno, Sacramento and Los Angeles (California), Orlando and Miami (Florida), Atlanta (Georgia).

Loud and Live for a statement that was made noted that more than a million and a half groups lived the live experience of Ricardo Arjona's previous tour, "Circo Soledad", and multiple millions of individuals watched "Hecho à la antigua", the most watched streaming on the entire existence of Latin American music.

The CEO of Loud and Live showed his admiration for Ricardo Arjona

Nelson Albareda, the founder and director of Loud and Live mentioned that Ricardo Arjona was "legendary" and claims to be a lover of the Guatemalan singer's style.

"From his iconic lyrics to his distinctive voice, this true Renaissance man has transcended the borders of his native Guatemala to become a universal icon of music," said Nelson Albareda.

In February Ricardo Arjona published his album "Covers, demos and other antics in white", on this album there was the participation of great artists such as Kany García, Pablo Alborán, Joss Stone and Marc Cohen, in addition to certain voices that tempted him throught social media.

This has been one of Arjona's most successful albums, the songs in this collection have achieved more than 100 million views on YouTube.

The new album "Black and White" contains duos of songs from his past collection, in addition, the recordings of this project will be made in the prestigious British studios of Abbey Road.