The fiery photo of Wanda Nara topless that is shaking the entire internet

Cristian García
2 min read

Wanda Nara has given a lot to talk about these days, due to all her recent scandals in the field of entertainment. Although, perhaps it was not until today when it began to generate more attention, due to a topless photo that the celebrity uploaded on her Instagram social network.

Nara would be on vacation in Ibiza with her children and her husband Mauro Icardo. This has been seen thanks to different publications that the celebrity has made on all of her social networks. But, the publication that has given more to talk about, has been a photograph where Wanda Nara is seen with practically nothing to cover her.

The artist is seen leaning on what appears to be a yacht, while the camera catches her off guard. In this way, you can appreciate her incredible silhouette, counting on a tan that gives the celebrity a unique look.

The post received thousands of reactions and comments in a matter of minutes. Some people praised the incredible figure of the artist, while others pointed out that Nara opened Photoshop to correct some other imperfect that the image might have when it was taken.

Previously, Wanda Nara lived a great controversy, when, in the Argentine TV program Incorrectas, an alleged romance between the artist and Álvaro Navia was mentioned. All this shocked social networks and generated thousands of speculations about it.

In this way, it is shown that Nara is an admirer of being in the public spotlight, which is why she always tries to generate controversy with her statements or all kinds of publications on social networks. This time around, he hasn't been left behind, as the entire internet is talking about his recent topless posts.


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